Silverfish Control

Get Help with Silverfish Infestations with AYM Pest Control

Dealing with a silverfish infestation? Luckily AYM Pest Control can help with silverfish control. Silverfish are small, silvery bugs that love hanging out in damp, dark places like bathrooms, kitchens, and basements. They might seem harmless, but they can cause a lot of trouble.

What’s Silverfish?

Silverfish, also known as Lepisma saccharina in the scientific world, are tiny bugs easily recognised by their shiny silver look and unique body shape. These creatures, lacking wings, tend to live in dark, moist parts of houses like basements, attics, and bathrooms. They have a particular taste for starches and sugars found in things like paper, fabric, and various household items. Over time, their nibbling can cause significant harm, leading to stress and frustration for homeowners. However, with AYM Pest Control by your side, you can get that control back and protect your home.

Silverfish Control - Get rid of silverfish effectively with aym pest control

Learn more about why is a silverfish a problem. It offers valuable insights and tips that can complement our recommendations and help you deal with silverfish infestations even better. Knowledge is power, and the more you know about silverfish control, the better equipped you’ll be to protect your home.

How To Get Rid of Silverfish

To get rid of silverfish, follow these steps:

  1. Reduce Moisture: Fix any leaks and make your home less humid. Silverfish love damp places, so this will help keep them away.
  2. Close Cracks: Fill up any holes or cracks in walls and floors to stop silverfish from sneaking in.
  3. Keep Food Safe: Put your food in tight containers to stop bugs from getting to it.
  4. Use Diatomaceous Earth: Put some food-safe powder in areas where you see silverfish. It dries them out and gets rid of them.
  5. Apply Boric Acid: Make a mix with boric acid, flour, and sugar, then put it where you see silverfish hanging out.
  6. Sticky Traps: Use special sticky traps made for silverfish to catch and get rid of them.
  7. Essential Oils: Keep Silverfish Away with Essential Oils. Mix up some lavender, citrus, or cedarwood oils with water and spray it where you’ve seen silverfish. They don’t like the smell and will stay away.

FAQ About Silverfish

1. Can silverfish bite?

Silverfish do not bite humans or pets. These little bugs are harmless and don’t pose any direct danger to people or animals

2. What do silverfish eat?

Silverfish are primarily scavengers and prefer starchy and sugary materials. They feed on items like paper, glue, wallpaper, cardboard, and clothing made of natural fibres.

3. Are silverfish harmful?

Even though silverfish aren’t harmful to humans, they can cause damage to your belongings. Their eating habits can really damage things like books, clothes, and wallpaper

4. Why do silverfish come into the house?

Silverfish are attracted to dark, damp environments. They often seek shelter in houses that provide favourable conditions, such as basements, attics, bathrooms, and crawl spaces.

5. Will silverfish eat clothes?

Yes, silverfish can eat clothes, especially those made of natural fibres like cotton and silk. They may also feed on other fabric-based items in your wardrobe.

6. Where do silverfish come from?

Silverfish are commonly found worldwide and can enter homes through cracks, gaps, and openings in walls and foundations. They may also be brought inside through infested items.

7. Who eats silverfish?

Silverfish are part of the food chain and are eaten by different predators like spiders, centipedes, and birds that snack on insects.

8. How are silverfish born?

Silverfish are born through a process called gradual metamorphosis. They hatch from eggs as tiny nymphs. As they grow, they shed their exoskeletons multiple times, getting bigger each time, until they become adults.

Silverfish Control: How We Deal with Infestations


Our process of getting rid of silverfish starts with a detailed inspection of your property. Our trained experts will carefully check every nook and cranny to see how bad the infestation is and where the silverfish are hanging out the most. This close look helps us make a plan that’s just right for your situation.


We know that every silverfish problem is different. That’s why we create plan that’s made just for you. After checking out your place, our experts will come up with a treatment plan that fits your situation perfectly. This way, we can take care of the problem head-on and get rid of those annoying silverfish for good.

We’ll use methods like dusting, spraying, and baiting, all customised to what your infestation. Our aim isn’t just to solve the problem now but to make sure those silverfish stay gone for good.

Making sure they’re not coming back

We’re not just about fixing the problem now; we’re also about stopping it from coming back. Our pest control experts will give you useful tips on how to lower moisture levels, seal up any entry points, and do other things to keep silverfish away. By taking these steps, we can help you make your place less inviting to silverfish.

Safety First

Your family, pets, and the environment come first at AYM Pest Control. We’re careful with all our treatments to make sure they’re safe for you and your loved ones. Our products are eco-friendly, made for homes, and we use them responsibly. So you can trust us to get the job done without causing any unnecessary disruption

Why Choose AYM for silverfish control?


With our team’s extensive experience in pest control, we’re ready to handle any silverfish problem with confidence. AYM Pest Control keeps up with all the newest developments in pest control to make sure we’re giving you the best service possible.

We approach each case as if it’s brand new

We understand that every situation is different, and generic treatment won’t do. Instead, we take the time to understand your concerns and come up with treatments that fit exactly what you need.

Environmentally Friendly Solutions

We’re dedicated to being environmentally responsible, which is why we use eco-friendly products and methods. When you choose AYM Pest Control, you’re not only protecting your home but also helping to take care of the planet.

Our goal is a 100% happy client 

Making sure you’re happy is what drives us. We’re proud to give you great service and make sure the results stick around. Our team is committed to going above and beyond to make sure you’re satisfied with what we do

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